Since 2013, we have led the effort to protect 5,000 hectares of primary forest reserve.

  • The Kijabe Forest Trust has invested in ranger training for six rangers recruited from the local community, and coordinates with the Kenya Forest Service and local authorities to secure the forest area through join patrolling and enforcement activities.

  • With our rangers and in partnership with Kenya Forest Service, the Kijabe Forest Trust has protected existing forest from illegal harvesting and charcoal production, contributing to a reduction in illegal harvesting from a baseline of over 13,000 trees per year to under 300 trees today.
  • The Kijabe Forest Trust regularly engages community stakeholder groups on the importance of the forest, and has connected community members and groups to markets for non-timber forest products, such as croton and Cape Chestnut seeds for essential oils through the Eco-Fuels Kenya Group
  • The Kijabe Forest Trust has planted over 4,000 indigenous tree seedlings in an effort to restore degraded areas in conjunction with Kenya's national forest cover goals